Mick Goodrick_Nine early pieces (’67-71) by Stelios Mihas on #neuguitars blog #MickGoodrick #SteliosMihas

A few words from the composer (taken from “Mick Goodrick – 36 solo pieces for fingerstyle guitar + duo, trio & quartet arrangements – Mr. Goodchord Publications, Boston, Massachusetts”) All of these original compositions were written on the guitar, for the guitar.. ..by finger-style guitar I mean mostly classical guitar (nylon string) and electric guitar (steel string), since those were the instruments I used for composing. It becomes very evident to anyone who looks at the pieces in this book that much seems to be missing: no tempos, no dynamics, no expression marks, no fingerings, no position markings, etc., etc. These omissions are deliberate. They are intended to encourage individual guitarists to rely on themselves for supplying all that is missing. The implication here is that there could be many very different performances of any one of these pieces that could be musically successful. It would probably depend on the conviction of the performer, as well as preparation. All that is provided are the succession of pitches, the approximate rhythmical values and the suggested forms. You could think of it’s a musical “coloring-book”! The book begins with nine pieces composed between 1967-1971. These are called (justifiably) “Early Pieces”, and range in idiom from very consonant to “twelve-tone-ish”… …And finally , my acknowledgment and appreciation go to guitarist/composer Fernando Sor, whose book of twenty studies was not only a classical guitar staple to me as a teenager, but an inspiration for the composing of these pieces. -Mick Goodrick Boston, Spring 2006

Music composed by Mick Goodrick Performed by Stelios Mihas on June 30, 2022 in Athens, Greece Produced, engineered, mixed & mastered by Stelios Mihas in studio 4D Video by Nicola Jugen Pampanos Appreciation to Nikos Ioakeim for his assistance with the production

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