Eugene Chadbourne & Schroeder 4/2/15 Reggio Emilia Italy Full Show on #neuguitars #blog #EugeneChadbourne

4/2 2015 Eugene Chadbourne, Reggio Emilia, Dinamo Full Show! The Good Doctor Chadbourne performing with Schroeder on drums. Courtesy of Paolo Zanotti

Born in 1954 and raised in Boulder, Colorado, he started playing guitar after seeing The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan TV Show. His unique and personal style seems to be the bizarre result of a complex genetic crossing between folk protest and free improvisation, noisecore and virtuosity, Country & Western and free Jazz. A form so deliberately contradictory, so ridiculously incompatible, as to seem simply perverse. His prolific record output is characterized by freeform guitar, salacious jokes, satire, political commentary, scary noises and bizarre mayhem, a double assault on both classical formalism and rock romanticism. Healthy bearer of a defined aesthetic, he has no qualms about manifesting his blatant hostility towards the glossy patina of high culture. The cracked details of his art form define it as a product of the 60s counterculture, of Captain Beefheart, marijuana, Phil Ochs, anti-Vietnarn war protests, John Coltrane.