Luca Perciballi Sacred Habits – live @ Angelica Teatro S Leonardo on #neuguitars #blog #LucaPerciballi

Luca Perciballi: guitar, electronics, foot percussion, prepared speakers. composition. Guitarist, composer and sound designer from Italy. His work is focused on instrumental practice and a compositional gesture that starts from a performative gesture. Perciballi pursues a research where the structure is dominated by sound as an organoleptic agent, related to a dense network of references and memories

Live at Angelica Centro di Ricerca Musicale Teatro S. Leonardo Bologna. In the context of ten-year sound experimentation that sees the guitar abandon its usual guises to become a pure sound generator, Sacred Habits, a performance for solo guitar and objects, is the new solo project by Luca Perciballi. The work wants to compose the ways of a sort of ritual, of sacred theater, composed by gestures and ways of the body, assembled together and conveyed according to the contemporary modalities of the augmented guitar: electronics, preparations of the instrument and percussions played with the feet. The result is a continuum of noises, archaic melodies, polyrhythms that can be seen according to different acoustic reading keys: from full electric amplification through pure acoustic sound, not mediated ,up to the sound of prepared speakers with the help of different objects, whose sound result is that of an unknown percussion, partly electric and partly acoustic, vibrant. Body, objects, space and sound make up a possible theater for a single performer.