“Alla ricerca del Puro Nulla” by Luca Purum Nihil on #neuguitars #blog

“Alla ricerca del Puro Nulla” by Luca Purum Nihil on #neuguitars #blog

Un Puro Nulla – The Performance. The author is an Italian musician, not very well known. Luca Borgia, writer and musician, active between the 90s and 2000s in various Metalcore bands in Turin sharing the stage with bands such as Sickhead, Contrite, Sliver and many others. Since 2018 he has been playing solo under his name and as LPN (Luca Purum Nihil). A long career of collaborations and experiments, always on guitar. In 2020 he released the self-produced album “Hyperion”:

then theatrical collaborations, a duo with saxophonist Luca Cerianni and some musical textures (improvisations and theme songs) such as LPN (Luca Purum Nihil). Then in 2022 “Avvolgistanti” was released for Snowdonia, almost an environmental, descriptive, pictorial story focused on an inner, suffused and meditative exploration.

This post instead refers to his latest solo work, “Un Puro Nulla Soundtrack”, soundtrack of the show “Un Puro Nulla” based on the novel of the same name by the same author, “The adventures of a beggar in the era of global precariousness ”.

Liquid music. Polysemic dark ambient, which has chosen to renounce relaxation to represent an increasingly schizophrenic and emotional society, in search of a refuge in which to hide and listen to the roar of the void that surrounds itself. Music that is a hybridization of hybrids, an established and mature post-modernism, in which tracing a source becomes a complex and even anachronistic exercise. Music and liquid sound, vehicle for improvisations on a theatrical draft, raw material to be reconfigured at will, the emergence of an unidentifiable complex phenomenon, where disintegration into multiple fragments is privileged. “Un Puro Nulla” builds the illusion of a theatrical piece, where backdrops, scenes and sounds continuously enter and exit in an interlocking game that recalls a complex Victorian mechanism, hidden from our sight. The technology is there but you can’t see it, hidden like the sound of the electric guitar, which ceases to be iconic to in turn become a generator of worlds and scenarios, of sound surfaces wedged one on top of the other. Yet I don’t feel a sense of chaos, of disorder. Nothingness, emptiness, absence have their own structure. The idea of perfection that art and music pursue seems to refer to a single meaning, celebrates a single principle and foundation, implies a single ultimate object. And it is an object that does not exist. Curiously, Luca Borgia made his stage name out of nothing: “Purum Nihil”, in an ancient language, which was then sacred and which is now also immersed in the flow of time. Emptiness, nothingness, absence are all names full of too cumbersome meanings for something that does not want to be any of these things. Like music.

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