VIBRANTE LUMINOSO! in ricordo di Fausto Romitelli, con Elena Càsoli e Michele Coralli il 25 febbraio al PACTA SALONE

pactaSOUNDzone VIBRANTE LUMINOSO Lunedì 25 febbraio al PACTA SALONE una performance a due di Elena Càsoli e Michele Coralli attorno a Fausto Romitelli La rassegna pactaSOUNDzone continua al PACTA SALONE con una performance a due tra vinile e digitale, voci e dialoghi, suono e materia attorno al ricordo di Fausto Romitelli: lunedì 25 febbraio 2019, VIBRANTE LUMINOSO!,con Elena Càsoli e Michele Coralli….

FRAQCKX – Jacques Palinckx & Frank Crijns on #neuguitars #blog

‘FRAQCKX’ – Jacques Palinckx & Frank Crijns – Improvisation at the Anarcho Society – 2012 Recorded during the ‘Night of the Unelections’, organized by the Tilburg Anarcho Society (TAS), september 8th, 2012. Location: Duvelhok Tilburg (The Netherlands.) Website Jacques Palinckx: Website Frank Crijns: A film by Martijn de Boer Thanks to: Tilburgse…

King Crimson Live in Frejus,1982 on #neuguitars #blog

Performance: Adrian Belew – Guitar and Vocal Robert Fripp – Guitar Tony Levin – Stick. Bass guitar Bill Bruford – Drum Track listing “Waiting Man” “Matte Kudasai” “The Sheltering Sky” “Neil and Jack and Me” “Indiscipline” “Heartbeat” “Larks’ Tongues in Aspic Part II”

Eraldo Bernocchi @ A’mas May 2018 on #neuguitars #blog

A’mas is a music event focused on live electronic music improvisation, visual art and collaboration for like-minded people to join together, explore and experiment a collaborative sonic journey. We are a large community of musicians, sound engineers and general audio and audio visual enthusiasts which value knowledge exchange and collaboration in music production and we…