Eivind Aarset Trio – Wolf Extract (2004 – Live Recording) on #neuguitars #blog

Tracklist: 01. Electromagnetic 02. Connected 03. Wolf Extract 04. Feverish 05. Silk Worm 06. Dark Moisture 07. Changing Waltz 08. Dust Kittens – U-Bahn 09. Lost & Found 10. Family Pictures Musicians: Eivind Aarset (guitar) Audun Erlien (bass and electronics) Wetle Holte (drums) Note: Recorded 16 May 2004, Café Muffathalle, Munich, Germany

Microtonal Guitar Festival – Documentary on #neuguitars #blog

It was such an unforgettable festival with John Schneider, Jürgen Ruck, Fernando Perez, Sinan Ayyıldız at the place where adjustable microtonal guitar was born 10 years ago: Istanbul Technical University, Dr. Erol Üçer Centre for Advanced Studies in Music.

Trey Gunn and Markus Reuter (Live at SeaProg 2019) on #neuguitars #blog

“Trey Gunn (King Crimson) and Markus Reuter (Stick Men) performed a thematic improvisation with live looping and electronic treatments. You’ll hear many layers of sound and some pre-composed motifs being traded and shared by each player. It was a surreal experience to hear these performers in person. I hope you enjoy the show!” – Anthony…

Markus Reuter & Tim Motzer – Space is the Place- Live at Studio A, Philadelphia, PA, USA, October 6 2013 on #neuguitars #blog

Live at Studio A, Philadelphia, PA, USA, October 6 2013 (Download album available here: https://iapetus.bandcamp.com/album/sp…) The 16th edition of 1k Sessions features Dejha Ti’s handmade typographical set design ‘Space is the Place’—invoking Sun Ra’s famous mantra. The phrase is recontextualized for spacious music in a vast space. Dejha Ti doubles as the film director, outfitting…