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Complexity and depth in Joe Morris’s music, Macrocom and Ultra on #neuguitars #blog

Joe Morris’s photo @ Scott Friedlander https://joemorrisritiglacialeratic.bandcamp.com/album/macrocosm https://sluchaj.bandcamp.com/album/joe-morris-ultra Susan Sontag represents an almost enigmatic figure for me. Essayist, writer, director, political activist, the Sontag represents an inexhaustible source of contrasting ideas and points of view […]

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Is voice & guitar duo the “new black”? “Between Us All, New American Art Songs For Voice & Guitar” The Bowers Fader Duo, 2019 New Focus Recordings on #neuguitars #blog

http://www.newfocusrecordings.com/catalogue/the-bowers-fader-duo-between-us-all/ The new album “Between Us All New American Art Songs For Voice & Guitar” by The Bowers Fader Duo suggests some interesting aesthetic questions. This record, made in 2019 by New Focus Recordings, is […]