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Abbiamo tutti bisogno di un guaritore, “A Healing Fire” di Smaro Gregoriadou su #neuguitars #blog

https://www.smarogregoriadou.com/ https://delosmusic.com/recording/a-healing-fire/ https://www.naxos.com/catalogue/item.asp?item_code=DE3582 “The earliest experience of art must have been that it was incantatory, magical; art was and instrument of ritual.The earliets theory of art,that of the Greek philosophers, proposed that art was mimesis, […]

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Füsun Köksal İncirlioğlu “Three New Pieces” for guitar played by Smaro Gregoriadou on #neuguitars #blog

AN ART ARTISTRY’s Composition “The contemporary Guitar 2018” Site: https://an-art.com/en/portfolio/icctc… Prize winning work for guitar: “Three New Pieces” by Füsun Köksal İncirlioğlu (Turkey) https://an-art.com/en/portfolio/kofuen/ Guitar: Smaro Gregoriadou Recorded at AN ART ARTISTRY November 13th, 2018 […]